BITE ME - sandwich company rebrand, simple AND effective.


Bite Me started life as a sandwich co but we quickly released that we could offer a more extensive range of food products. We wanted to introduce a deli range and a chilled desert range but felt we couldn't do this as a sandwich co.  As we were still trying to grow our brand we were concerned about how to move forward. We approached Cranney McCabe with our problem. 


They immediately grasped our concerns and set about understanding our business. They visited the retail outlets our products were sold in, assessed our competitors and profiled the new range of products that we wanted to introduce. They came up with a complete rebrand of the business but maintaining the core value of what the business wanted to achieve.


Their rebrand transcended across the whole scope of the business incorporating the logo, website, social media, point of sale and in particular labelling and packaging. What came across from the rebrand was that it gives us the flexibility to grow the business in so many different ways which clearly demonstrates they not only understood our remit but extended beyond it.  Importantly they grasped the cost implications of the rebranding of our business  and in particular label print costs in relation to colours and the different range of labels. 


"Importantly they grasped the cost implications of the rebranding of our business"


The genius was in it's simplicity but that couldn't have been achieved without understanding our business, our budget and the way forward. The proof of the success of their work has been clearly reflected with an immediate growth in our sales since the rebrand has been rolled out and that we have also been shortlisted in the best new business category in the Greater Newry Business Awards 2013 


The business is now in a position to introduce a complete new range of products under the bite me brand and this is all down to Cranney McCabe.  We believe that as a result of our rebranding that we will experience accelerated growth beyond our initial expectations.



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